The NZCT Chamber Music Contest is the largest and longest running chamber music event of its kind in the country and each year provides the opportunity for thousands of secondary school students to perform together and enjoy the thrill of making music. This year will mark the 60th edition of the Chamber Music Contest, which remains an important feature of New Zealand’s musical calendar.

The NZCT Chamber Music Contest is dedicated to nurturing young musicians of all proficiency levels within a supportive and growth-oriented atmosphere, while also commemorating the pinnacle of student ensemble performance in Aotearoa. We celebrate the remarkable versatility innate to chamber music through this contest, epitomising the essence of profound, intimate, music up close experiences spanning a diverse spectrum of repertoire and genres, from classical to contemporary.

The contest is made up of three parts, starting with the District Rounds happening across 14 centres throughout the country, progressing through to the three Regional Finals from which eight ensembles are then chosen to proceed to the National Finals.

Our major contest funder, NZCT, has generously supported the contest for more than twenty years: it is only through their support, and that of our other generous sponsors and prize donors that we are able to continue producing this wide-reaching event on a national scope.

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