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The trustees of The Piano thank the following for their generous support of The vision of The Piano to enrich people's lives by providing a world-class stage for music and the arts in Canterbury.
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Platinum Supporter

Mike & Sheryl Chisholm
Reuben & Rebecca Bijl
Guoan Tian
Robert & Bronwyn Bijl
Murray & Nicki Wood

Gold Supporter

Wilkie+Bruce Registered Architects
Rhodes & Co Lawyers
Lyn Holland
Estate of Michael Mellon
Ernest & Catherine Henshaw
Ruvae Britten
Philip & Ros Burdon
Tony & Margaret Lee
Phil & Delia Cook
Estate of Margaret Daly

Silver Supporter

Dinah Anderson & John Bennett
Steven & Diana Marshall
Parry Field Lawyers Charitable Foundation
Mark & Melissa Prosser
Fiona Marris
IRMT Christchurch Branch

Bronze Supporter

Sue Stubennoll
Richard Chandler
Ruamoko Solutions
Dr. Stella Milsom
Philippa Bates
In Memory of Passed Musicians
Willem & Trudi Bouman
Lester & Vivienne Davison
Gail & Steven Toth
Rangi Ruru Girls' School
Powell Fenwick
Hoets Family Trust
Margot Thomson

Seat Supporter

J.M Brandts-Giesen
J.A & H.T Brandts-Giesen
J.T & J.M Brandts-Giesen
F.W Hoets
Polly Lee
Elise Tian
Nola Mills
Joan Doocey
Merle Carter nee Cunningham
John Norman 1922-2004
Faye Norman
Rona Gower
Sydney Gower 1905-1991
Chris & Catherine France
James, Harriet & Nicholas France
Margaret Purdie
Jong Soon Lim
Delwyn Sell
Stan Raymond
George Skellerup
Peter Banens
Music Alive
In memory of Pat & Colleen Daly
Marina Sew Hoy
Estate of Margaret Daly
Ruvae Britten
Joy McKelvey
Jane Doig & Family
Deane Waretini
Neville Baird
Tony Chen Lin
Prof. Jack C Richards
Lorraine Peters QSM
Clifford Cox
Sheryl Chisholm
Mike Chisholm
Margaret & Ray Maw
Christopher G. Marks
Catherine Marks
Lyn Holland
In Memory of Kevin Whitburn, 1948-2017, Member of Cantabile Choir
Ray Marks
Peggy Marks
Graeme Humphrey
Piano Day 2016
Edith Fischer
Jorge Pepi-Alos
Dame Adrienne Stewart
Woodham Family (2)
Ruth Bijl (2)
Colin Brown (2)
Alec Bruce & Deborah Watson (2)
Metzler Builders Ltd (MBL) (2)
John Wood
Mark & Jo Walton
Royal Over Seas League CHCH Branch
Aria & Dean Gillett
David & Lyn Kennedy
Andy Gardner
Milana Kornienko
Claire Dillon & Jan Bone
Christophers Classics (2)
Penelope Gayle Wilson
Will Fang
Maggie Musson
Anya Fang
Michael Kittridge
James Klingenberg
Tim Klingenberg
Ripeka Bijl
Steve & Katherine Jone
Andrea Lawrence
In memory of Ross Weir
In memory of Betty & Wilfred Dodge
Laardal Medical
Phyllis & Laurie Holden
Nicole Weber
Greer O'Donnell
Gail F. Toth
Max L. Toth
Edith Tripp
Rosemary Stott
Catherine Martin
Tony & Margaret Lee
Murray Wood
Nicki Wood
Bradley Wood
Kimberley Wood
Shirley Farrant
Graham Farrant
Bronwyn Bijl
Robert Bijl
Reuben Bijl
Rebecca Bijl
Katie Bijl
Edward Bijl
Miriam Wilkie
Alun Wilkie
Trinity College London
Ruvae Britten
Ernest & Catherine Henshaw
James Parker
Jane Morris
Christie M. Cook
Patrick & Jeanette Shepherd
Fielden Trust
Tony Hoare
Tracey Hull
Roger Hall
Wilkie + Bruce Architects
In loving memory of Margaret Gainsford
Schmidt Family
Sedley Wells Music Works: Ian & Lois Biddick
J.J Brandts-Giesen
Nicole Brown
Theadora Bijl
Gabriel Bijl
Jemimah Klingenberg

Steinway D Key Supporter

Victor Wang
Energy Light
In Memory of Syard Bijl
Signtech the Signmasters
Vic Tutton and Lindsay Hill
Aj Hickling
Lyn Holland
Bill and Carole May
AC Lighting
Judith and Bob Stoothoff
Diana Marshall
Steven Marshall
S Grundy
Jan Nicholson and Nick Shier
Joy Williams
Deborah Williams
S and K Jones (2)
Merle Carter
David Minifie
Robert Bijl
Bronwyn Bijl
Alison Holden
Cushla and Paul Piesse
Polly Lee
Elsie Tian
Adrienne Stewart
Oliver Comyn
Doris Barnard
Mark Hickman
Anonymous (10)
Peter Uren (2)
Christopher's Classics (4)
Eric Biddington (2)
John Williams
M + R Maw
Jocelyne & James Hill
Claire Dillion

Steinway D Gold supporter

Doris Barnard and Mark Hickman

Steinway D Silver Supporter

Annie Edmond and Rebecca Stewart

Steinway D Charitable Trust Supporter

Pub Charity
Rata Foundation
Robert and Barbara Stewart Charitable Trust
Southern Trust
Lion Foundation

Steinway D Seat Supporter

Doris Barnard and Mark Hickman
Lucas Zhong
Anthony Lee
Mr Christopher GT Lim
Rob and Sue Allison
Margaret Lee
Virginia Breen
Maureen Handisides
Anonymous (5)
Reuben and Rebecca Bijl Family (2)
E and R Greenwood
Three Boys Brewery
JM Chaffey
Tyler Family
Lyn Holland
Rebecca and Noel Brown (2)
Leighs Family
Murray Family
Beverley Cocks
Corrallyn Newman
Pegasus Bay Winery
John and Olwyn Musgrove
E and B Stick
David and Jane Kent
The trustees thank the following for their generosity in helping establish The Piano: Centre for Music and the Arts.
Lotteries Community Fund
Christchurch City Council
Rata Foundation
New Zealand Community Trust
Creative New Zealand
Robert & Barbara Stewart Charitable Trust
Merle Carter Trust
Trinity College London
Royal Overseas League
Adams Cello Festival
Christchurch Earthquake Appeal
The Southern Trust
Mainland Foundation
Foodstuffs (South Island) Community Trust
Infinity Foundation
The Lion Foundation
Pub Charity
Four Winds Foundation Ltd