Seriously Brass: Paganini
Woolston Brass
Music Director Tyme Marsters
Guest Trombone Soloist David Bremner

Land of the Long White Cloud by Philip Sparke
Colors by Bert Appertmont featuring Guest Trombone Soloist David Bremner
The Spirit Within by Ben Hollings
Sambezi by Philip Sparke featuring Guest Trombone Soloist David Bremner
Paganini Variations by Philip Wilby

Land of the Long White Cloud:
From majestic to pastoral to dance-like, Land of the Long White Cloud is English composer Philip Sparke's representation of New Zealand and was commissioned by the New Zealand Brass Band Association for their Centennial National Championships held 1980 in Christchurch. The discovery of New Zealand is attributed in Māori tradition to Kupe. As land was approached, a long, flat volcanic cloud could be seen. Kupe's wife Hine-te-aparangi, looked to the horizon and cried out, "He ao! He ao! A cloud! A cloud!" The name of Aotearoa was given to the islands - The Land of the Long White Cloud.

Guest Trombone Soloist David Bremner is Principal Trombone of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the founding member of Bonanza Trombone Quartet, Music Director of Wellington Brass, and Music Director of the National Band of New Zealand.
Talented David Bremner will perform Belgium composer Bert Appermont’s trombone masterpiece Colours, a virtuous composition based on four primary colours, ‘Yellow’, ‘Red’, ‘Blue’ and ‘Green’, where each colour characterises a typical musical quality.

The Spirit Within:
Reflective work The Spirit Within written by English composer Ben Hollings represents the human spirit and the capabilities of human emotion, which is portrayed by the thought-provoking harmonic language and quality brass band sound.

Sambezi is the brass band version of the last movement of Philip Sparke’s Trombone Concerto featuring Guest Soloist David Bremner. It starts in a joyful and outgoing mood with the soloist playing a carefree samba tune. A jazz influenced central tune explores the higher ranges of the trombone before the samba rhythms set up a ‘contest’ between the soloist and the band’s trombone section. The soloist is the eventual ‘winner’ and celebrates by reintroducing the samba melody before bringing the work to a virtuosic close.

Paganini Variations:
Commissioned by the BBC for their ‘Band of the Year 1991’ Grimethorpe Colliery Band, British composer Philip Wilby’s major work Paganini Variations was written to explore Paganini’s time-honoured melody and recreate the wild and romantic spirit of his times. Wilby took Paganini’s celebrated melody from his 24th Caprice and provided it with a set of fourteen variations aimed to exploit the full potential of modem brass band playing. The full flavour of Paganini’s romantic heritage finds its expression in a mixture of extravagantly virtuosic display, and serene and passionate melody, combining two strands: historical and contemporary.

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