Locked down in Golden Bay together by chance, Robert Zielinski from Western Australia and Rennie Pearson from Wellington have had a lot of time for music.

The Torbay suite is a 50-minute original composition inspired by the pristine Torbay inlet near where Robert lives in Western Australia’s remote South Coast.

“To me, Torbay is a very special place, where the natural world and its rhythms remain largely intact. At the time I was making my fiddle and visiting the inlet every day. When I finished the fiddle I had the suite, so it feels a bit like each was made for the other. The Torbay Suite comes from the country of the Minang people, who have lived there for thousands of generations. The Suite is divided into Day and Night and maps Torbay through these phases. It sounds strange but I really didn’t write the piece, it was already there. The fiddle is the main storyteller and represents a character that goes on a journey into the unknown. The Day piece travels from Dawn to Dusk at the Inlet and the Nighttime piece was inspired by the realisation that although we think we can see during the day, we are blinded by the sun and the day's activities. Whereas nighttime is when we really see as the day distils. The aboriginals say that night time is the only time you can see out through the holes in the blanket (the stars)”

The Torbay Suite was recorded in the Perth Concert Hall on the 19th December 2019 and is due for release July. This is a rare opportunity to hear the suite in its entirety.

Robert Zielinski has spent 14 years living on the west coast of Ireland and has toured internationally. In the year 2000 he won Ireland's Michael Coleman Traditional Fiddler of the Year Award.

Rennie Pearson specialises in traditional music on the wooden flute and guitar. He studied on the east coast of Canada with flute virtuoso Chris Norman. In 2016 he received a Boxwood scholarship for Rising Young Performer.

Robert and Rennie are planning to tour Australia after their South Island tour, once restrictions are lifted.

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