Mark your calendars for ‘Rhythm and Brass’, featuring the New Zealand Army Band Jazz Ensemble and the United States Air Force ‘Pacific Brass Quintet’.

Each of these ensembles will take the stage at The Piano with captivating, diverse repertoire, before joining forces at the end of the evening, bringing the concert to a climatic finale.

The New Zealand Army Band, celebrated for its evolution into a highly-versatile entertainment group, will showcase their immense jazz expertise with a set of music that demonstrates their soulful depth and virtuosic brilliance. Having performed onstage with jazz giants such as James Morrison and Allen Vizzutti, prepare to be amazed by the band’s breadth of talent.

The Pacific Brass Quintet, representing the United States Air Force, is a remarkably versatile musical group. Comprising of five professional brass players, they will take the stage with an entertaining, diverse set of captivating repertoire. From traditional military music to popular genres and holiday numbers, their performance will resonate with both tradition and innovation.

*All proceeds from this concert supports The Piano's Next Generation Fund

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