Verena Barié is a globally active recorder player, media artist, composer and curator. After completing her classical bachelor's degree with a major in recorder, she completed a master's program in Live Electronics as well.

In a concert in Klaipéda (Lithuania) I was announced as a player of “Magnetofonai” (cassette recorder) - translated from the English ‘recorder’, which is seldom identified as the instrument Blockflöte / Flauto Dolce, but mostly as the recording device. This charming misunderstanding inspired me to conceive the solo concert program “recordari” (remember, record), bringing together my artistic practice as a recorder soloist and electronic musician together. The element memory/recording is illuminated in various forms in this program. In my arrangement of FOURsix (Cage), field recordings from the countries of the composers Pistorius (South Africa) and Jackson (New Zealand) can be heard via a sampler instrument (programmed by Barié) and thus form a temporal and cartographic bridge between the genre of new music composed from today and before I was born. The fourth player is a sound installation with organ pipes and balloon pumps (senza manuale), which I created in 2021 / 2023. In SPIRAL Stockhausen) short waves are used, which can carry long-distance signals to the other end of the world. “Old” and renowned new music will be presented to the audience as a unit with the “latest” new music through the medium of the recorder - an instrument many listeners might have played themselves already.

The realization and production of recordari is funded by the German Orchestra fund (Deutsche Orchesterstiftung, #MusikerZukunft) and the concerts are made possible by the export funding of the ministry of culture and science northrhine-westphalia (Exportförderung des Ministeriums für Kultur und Wissenschaft NRW).

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