From the team that brought you Tiny Fest 2019, The Vision, and Tiny Fest 2021 comes the premiere of Begunperiodicpassageslapsesintervalsapproachingwarpcompressionmiddleeventabsoluteconcludinghorizonturnending (Permanent Distraction) -  a new dance show by Josie Archer and Kosta Bogoievski. 

'Permanent Distraction' is not so much the (abridged) title but situates the work within the attention economy — the media circulating public and private spaces vying for your attention. Rest assured, you will not be consistently entertained. Expect non-algorithmic pacing, creative transgression, non-interpretive dance, ambiguity, novel experiences, and sincerity. Intention is placed on the uniquely live aspects of theatre and the rituals around dance and performance — how we viewers and performers act, behave, and perceive in this setting.

Alongside their friends Olivia McGregor and David Huggins, the choreographers navigate the alps of imaginative terrain. They trudge ever on, barrelling through creative blocks, jetteéing over valleys of crisis, and vigorously shaking negative dæmons from the delicate cells that sustain artistic process. These four dancers, your chaperones, will guide you from beginning to end ad infinitum, encountering the sublime in the minimalist and the carnal in the maximalist.

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