Christopher's Classics presents the New Zealand Chamber Soloists

Katherine Austin (piano)
James Tennant (cello)
Lara Hall (violin)

- New Commission (NZ)
Shostakovich - Piano Trio No. 1 in C minor, Op. 8
Bright Sheng - Piano Trio in 4 Movements
Jenny McLeod (NZ) - Dark Bright Night
Gao Ping - Su Xie Si Ti (Four Sketches)
Rebecca Clarke - Piano Trio in E-flat minor

The New Zealand Chamber Soloists have been performing regularly throughout New Zealand and overseas since 2006.

The group is dedicated to presenting classical music as a spontaneous and vivid experience, in which the audience and performers are connected through the universal language of music. Since its inception, the New Zealand Chamber Soloists have celebrated the unique voice of New Zealand's new generation of composers, alongside the works of the classical and 20th century traditions. The group has brought a unique blend of virtuosity, colour and a full-on, spontaneous energy to music old and new.

In association with Chamber Music NZ

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