This compelling, award-winning piece shares the extraordinary survival story of critically-acclaimed integrated performer, Rodney Bell, Ngāti Maniapoto.

Rodney left Aotearoa in 2007 to pursue a dancing career in the United States but through a series of events became homeless and was forced to live rough on the streets of San Francisco.

Meremere allows us inside Rodney's experience of this challenging, life-chāngīng chapter, unlocking memories and aspirations merging spoken word, music, dance and multimedia design to tell Rodney's story – a journey of undiminished hope and wonder.

Developed in collaboration with director Malia Johnston and Movement of the Human, Meremere layers documentary footage, interviews, movement and imagery into an extraordinary 54 minutes, which includes live music from the supremely talented, Eden Mulholland.

Insightful, revealing, funny and moving, live theatre simply doesn't get more personal than this.

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