Martin Riseley - Director
Hannah Darroch - Flute

Helen Fisher (NZ) Te Tangi A Te Matui (The Call of the Matui)
Mozart - Mitridate Overture K.87
Schnittke - Moz-Art a la Haydn
Haydn - Symphony No.73 in D Major 'The Hunt"

Te Tangi A Te Matui (The Call of the Matui) is a work by New Zealand composer Helen and is based on a Māori karakia.

The overture to Mozart's opera Mitridate, re di Ponto marked the culmination of Mozart's first trip to Italy.

Schnittke's extraordinary aptitude to fragment and reassemble various components in new and unanticipated ways is abundantly demonstrated in his 1977 Moz0Art a la Haydn, scored for two violin soloist and small ensemble.

It was directly after Mozart that Haydn wrote The Hunt. Its finale's whirlwind is suggestive of a hunt and has an almost insane energy.

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