Fairystories: A musical about fairies, families, fears and photographs
Music, book and lyrics by Paul Graham Brown

Freely adapted from the true story of the 1917 Cottingley Fairies, this enchanting musical shows the consequences of telling "fairystories" in the form of forged photographs of fairies. Once the photographs are authenticated and publicised by famous author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the world becomes enthralled by the photos and the two children who took them. But the photos have heartbreaking consequences for those surrounding them.

The star-studded cast includes the fabulous Ali Harper, Roy Snow, Sophie Landis, Oscar Parkes, Blair McHugh and Elijah Moore.

"A gentle and optimistic tale of imagination and inner life, of grieving and healing. A melodic musical, full of heart and suitable for the whole family."

"The songs are beautiful... the overall impression in this piece is one of charm and warmth." Global Search for New Musicals Jury, Cardiff/London

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