Beth Chen (piano)
Nicole Chao (piano)

Bach/Kurtág - Gottes Zeit ist die aller beste Zeit 
(God's time is the very best time)
Schubert - Fantasy in F Minor D.940
Ravel/Garban - La valse
Psathas - Fragment 
Rachmaninov - Six Morceaux Op.11
Strauss/Anderson - Blue Danube Fantasy

New Zealand classical music team Duo Enharmonics is energising classical music through their virtuosic and emotionally thrilling programmes. The "unanimity of feeling" that one reviewer notes arises from their shared musical vision, which is seen in their harmonised physical gestures and heard in their remarkably synched sonic utterances. Their physical and musical gestures are saturated with subtleties of nuance only made possible after years of full-time duo partnership.

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