Borders divide us. Yet in the meeting places between one thing and another is sometimes found the greatest variety and vitality. From Tasmania comes a group of performers that revel in the liveliness and intrigue of borderlands. Playing music of composers who lived and worked, as fluid borders shifted beneath their feet. A musical backdrop to the tumult of the Thirty Years War and the meeting of cultures at the edges of the Holy Roman and Ottoman Empires.

Julia Fredersdorff, artistic director/violin, has curated a programme that explores the sublime simplicity of music of the early baroque period, as well as works startling for their originality and spirited evocations of battles and dances—all performed with the raw freshness that audiences have come to know from music on gut strings and original set ups.

Julia Fredersdorff Artistic (director/violin)
Simone Slattery (violin/recorder)
Lizzy Welsh (viola)
Laura Vaughan (bass viol)
Anton Baba bass (viol/cello)
Donald Nicolson (harpsichord)

DIETRICH BECKER | Sonata a 5 in F major
SAMUEL SCHEIDT | Galliarda Battaglia
HEINRICH IGNAZ FRANZ VON BIBER | Ciacona from ‘Mensa sonora’
DONALD NICOLSON | A new work (premiere)
TOMASO ALBINONI | Sinfonia a cinque. op 2

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