Concert series

Sundays at Four 2023

Celebrate the joy of live music in a one hour recital series on Sundays at 4pm at The Piano

The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall

Season Tickets $150 ($50 with student ID)
Individual Concerts $30 ($10 with student ID)
Door Sales $35

Contact The Piano to purchase season tickets

In this series:

SAF 2023_HOR_1 JBI Feb26 High Res

February 26th 2023, 4p.m.

Jun Bouterey-Ishido - Sundays at Four

SAF 2023_HOR_2 SK Mar19 High Res

March 19th 2023, 4p.m.

Somi Kim - Sundays at Four

SAF 2023_HOR_3 JL Apr16 High Res

April 16th 2023, 4p.m.

Jian Liu - Sundays at Four

SAF 2023_HOR_4 TYTC Jul23 High Res

July 23rd 2023, 4p.m.

Tony Yan Tong Chen - Sundays at Four

SAF 2023_HOR_5 ME Aug20 High Res

August 20th 2023, 4p.m.

Michael Endres - Sundays at Four

SAF 2023_HOR_6 MH Sep24 High Res

September 24th 2023, 4p.m.

Michael Houstoun - Sundays at Four