Some traditions were meant to be broken

Breaking plates is a long-held tradition in Greece used to ward off evil spirits that were thought to be lurking around happy occasions such as weddings and Christenings.

Nowadays, it has become more a show of abundance and having a ‘smashing’ great time. This was the case at The Santorini Greek Restaurant in Christchurch, where every night Yorgo, with his fun-loving family ensures that a great Greek experience and a rip-roaring time is had by all.

All is not as it seems though as Yorgo lives in a time warp imposing his long held, firmly imbedded, traditions and beliefs on his children.

When the Earth’s plates begin to move in Christchurch, Yorgo’s beliefs are put to the test as the whole city lays down their differences bonding together as one to rebuild their fallen city and find new hope.

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