"What A Fool Honesty Is!" - Christchurch Arts Festival 2019

Time & Date
31st July 2019
7:30 - 8:45pm
The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall
$18 - $20
Tickets available through Ticketek

As he went about 'fleecing' everyone he met, Autolycus, the conman in The Winter’s Tale, declared that honesty is a fool. But is it?

Today, in this world of deception, fake news, denial and social media manipulation, has the art of honesty been lost? And what might we find when we drill down to confront some honest truths about our city and our nation?

Gather around the metaphorical fireside as our five speakers dig deep into the nature of honesty and deception. Whether it’s making up stories for a living, mining their own lives for material, or dealing in facts – where does truth end and fiction begin?

Featuring dancer Rodney Bell, writer Fiona Farrell, journalist Donna Miles-Mojab, playwright Victor Rodger and poet and youth advocate Daisy Speaks this is a night for tall tales and home truths.

Presented in association with WORD Christchurch.