"Stumble and Step" - Frankie Daly

Time & Date
13th March 2021
7:30 - 9:30pm
The Chamber
$20 General Admission
Tickets available via Under the radar
Doors open 7pm

Frankie Daly, a young yet experienced exploratory pianist has brought her attention back to the place where her music journeying began, at the piano.  After months at the bench, searching and experimenting with colours and melody and rhythm she presents a collection of exciting new compositions. 

Focusing on writing for solo piano has been a change of course for Frankie. Drawing down on elements of neo classical instrumental music, she hopes to find ways to convey stories and feelings without the usual addition of her singing voice. 

This concert is not just a glimpse at her years work, but an immersive performance; dynamic and intense as much as it is heartwarming and delicate. Drawing inspiration from the streets and hills and people all around her as well as composers and heroes diverse as Philip Glass, Larry Goldings, Claude Debussy and Fats Waller, she’s aiming for the boundaries trying to prove that one style doesn’t need to fit all. This program will showcase pieces that travel through experimental and contemporary music fused with improvisational forms as well as the heart of traditional blues and jazz.

 Thats a vast feast to take on, potentially pretentious, luckily though she’s fighting that with a warm and engaging personality and hoping to distill it all to its simplest air: One heart, ten fingers, eighty eight keys and all the music she can catch with her spirited musical adventuring. Her music is about everybody, for everybody.