Set F.I.R.E to your Mortgage & Retire on your Terms

Time & Date
27th August 2019
12:30 - 1:30pm
The Chamber

Tired of mortgage payments burning up so much of your salary? Burnt out by working harder but never getting ahead any faster?

Then it's time to light up your financial future and set F.I.R.E to your mortgage!

F.I.R.E stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early - and while that might sound like a distant dream, it IS possible.

Hannah McQueen is the founder of enableMe - Financial Personal Trainers - and the Queen of personal finances. She's bringing her must-see seminar, "Set F.I.R.E to Your Mortgage and Retire on Your Terms' to Christchurch.

Come along to learn how to get in control of your finances, get mortgage-free FAST, grow your wealth and prepare for retirement. Whenever you plan on actually retiring is up to you - but learn how to give yourself options so you can do it on your terms.

Hannah and her team at enableMe have worked with thousands of Kiwis to achieve these goals and in this seminar she will share the keys to setting fire to your own mortgage and setting yourself up for retirement.

In this 60-minute seminar you will learn:

  • The keys to getting mortgage-free FAST
  • Strategies you can use to grow your wealth
  • Why you don't have to live life on a strict financial diet to get ahead
  • The behaviours required for financial success
  • How to create a wealthy mindset
  • How to ensure your retirement is sorted.

Tickets are just $20 for a single entry, or $30 for entry for two OR $15 a single entry or $20 for two if you buy before the 8th of August.

Tickets will sell fast, so get in quick to secure yours - and take the first step towards lighting up your financial future!