POSTPONED - "Ripple" - New Zealand Youth Ballet Company

Time & Date
4th September 2021
11:00am - 12:15pm
The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall
Tickets available via Eventbrite
$15 - $18
*Booking fees apply

A feast of exceptional dancing premiering renowned choreographer Loughlan Prior's NEW work Ripple and Wrinkle.

Paquita a pure classical ballet re-staged by New Zealands own Abigail Boyle. A piece that will reveal the true beauty of this artform.

Choreographed by Olivia Rusell Vie will transport you into a whirlwind of emotive movement.

These performances are a mixture of neo-classical and classical pieces that will give you a variety of expression, technique and extensive movement. A season that will leave you inspired and emotionally moved.

Join us as we celebrate the talent in our stunning nation: Aotearoa