"Oral History" - Chinese Style Concert

Time & Date
14th September 2019
7:00 - 9:00pm
The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall

The Chinese Cultural Association presents:

Oral History - Chinese Style Concert 

New Zealand is known as the last paradise on earth, as well as the land of long white cloud. As is recorded in historical documents, Chinese made their first appearance in New Zealand history more than 150 years ago. The recorded story of Chinese people during the Gold Rush period is the beginning of everything about Chinese living in New Zealand.

Time is flying and the world is changing. The stories from the past, which should have been remembered, are mostly left unrecorded and lost over time. Today, we will begin to tell stories of people around us, and we hope everyone can become a historian of his or her own.

Through a form of singing, dancing, instrumental performance, reading and documentary, a highly artistic performance is presented.