"A Natural Woman" - Ali Harper

Time & Date
20th May 2022
7:30pm - 9:30pm
The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall
Tickets available via Ali Harper's Website
$25 - $50 *Booking fees apply

Carole King.

Extraordinary, timeless, iconic!

In 1971, the landmark album TAPESTRY revealed Carole King to be the greatest singer-songwriter of all time. For so many her songs have been described as a soundtrack to their lives. 

I Feel The Earth Move, It’s Too Late, So Far Away, Natural Woman, Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Smackwater Jack, You’ve Got A Friend…

50 years on it’s timely that we come together and be wowed by the intensity and vigour of Carole King. Prepare to be uplifted as you take on a musical ride with Ali Harper and her band featuring Matthew Pike, Nick Granville, Francis Meria and Frankie Leota.

If you loved Ali’s recent show at Circa The Look Of Love honouring Burt Bacharach then you won’t want to miss A NATURAL WOMAN. 

‘Ali Harper has created another musical love letter to an incredible songwriter.’ - Backstage

‘I can’t think of another performer I know whose presentations give me more pleasure than do those of Ali Harper’s, for her unbeatable combinations of artistry, energy and sheer charisma!’ - Middle C, Wgtn

‘How amazing is Ali Harper! At the end of the performance the packed audience jumped up to give her a well-deserved standing ovation.’ Dom Post