Mondays on Stage: The Rockers of Ages in Concert

18th February 2019
12:10pm - 12:50pm
The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall
$10 / $5 Concession (Cash Door Sales Only)

The Rockers of Ages is a large choir that rehearses in four geographic locations, but comes together for performances. Mostly made up of people considered 'elders', but with a few mothers and babies thrown in the mix, the Rockers take pleasure in surprising audiences with their exuberant mix of classic rock songs and songs from around the world. 

This 'all comers' choir contains a mix of experienced singers and people who came to singing much later in life. A mix of athletes and people facing serious mobility challenges, some people are both! They are a closely bonded group, who enjoy laughing and crying together and sharing the highs and lows of their lives each week at choir practice. 

The Rockers are led by husband and wife team, Gary Easterbrook and Nikki Berry, who take the music but not themselves too seriously. The results will surprise and delight you. Children are welcome and won't be required to sit still!