Mondays on Stage: Medicine Music by A Capellago World Music Choir

18th March 2019
12:10pm - 12:50pm
The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall
Cash donation (Suggested Adult $10 / Concession $5)

Benign, sweet songs, seamlessly sewn in a continuous stream of sound • with images by Gary Easterbrook.

Medicine Music is a concert where nothing is required of the audience. The songs transition seamlessly and the listener is invited to immerse themselves fully in the music. It is a chance for reflection, relaxation and release. Beautiful images of the natural world, photographed by Gary Easterbrook will accompany the music, sourced from several continents.

A Capellago are a group of singers and musicians who share a love of world music, with an emphasis on rhythm and diversity.  Founded in 1996 by Nikki Berry, the choir sing mostly their own arrangements, and are well known for their joyful exuberance, funky rhythms and beautiful harmonies.

Mondays Onstage is proudly supported by the Maurice Carter Charitable Trust.