The HKH Euro Jazz Trio - Concerts for Christchurch

Time & Date
21st May 2019
12:10 - 12:50pm
The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall
$15 Adults
$10 Concert Trust Friends
$5 Students

The Concerts for Christchurch Foundation Trust Presents:  

The Hoekstra Kime, Hobson (HKH) Euro Jazz Trio

HKH (Hoekstra Kime Hobson) was formed around 20 years ago when the three musicians discovered they had a similar passion for European Jazz. With Mark Hobson on clarinet and saxophones, Wytze Hoekstra on piano and Michael Kime on bass they started to work on the neoclassical melodies and ambient textures that typify this style. This concert will focus on Wytze’s trio compositions shedding new light on the unique creative vision of the HKH ensemble.  

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*Refreshments available for purchase from 11:30am