Living with a Creative Mind Symposium [Day Two]

Time & Date
20th July 2019
10:00am - 5:00pm
The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall
Free (Registration Required)
The creative mind is complex. Although society might like creative people to be just like everyone else - they aren't! The qualities that enable them to engage with the creative process also make their experience of life different.

Are you a creative person who wants to understand yourself a little better? Or do you live or work with a creative person and find them confusing or frustrating?

For the first time in New Zealand, Jeff & Julie Crabtree [of Zebra Collective] present their ground-breaking research on creativity and mental health. They have decoded what is going on for creative people, and why their lives seem to be led at such extremes. They will share proven strategies not just for coping, but for living well. Creativity AND longevity is their mantra, and that includes working out how creative people collaborate and how the up and down life can peacefully co-exist alongside their more "normal" partners and friends.

This weekend is for performers AND their partners, managers, teachers. Core sessions will explore: The psychology of creativity; The nine dimensions of creative minds; Understanding what helps creatives work at their best; Understanding what happens when you get stuck. Breakout workshops will explore Making creative ecosystems (for managers/teachers of creatives) and The anxious creative (for performers) as well as Conflict and collaboration, and Resilience for creatives.

The symposium runs on Friday evening from 7.30pm until 9.30pm and then Saturday from 10am until 5pm. The aim is to make this event as accessible as possible to all in the performing arts community. And thanks to some very generous friends of the community, we have been able to make this event free to attend! If you're in the position though to make a contribution towards future Living with a Creative Mind Symposiums (because one weekend isn't anywhere near long enough!), your donation would be greatly appreciated!

Numbers are limited so make sure you register early. Once registered, if you are unable to make the event, please contact the organisers so they can cancel your ticket and pass the spot on to someone else. If you are unable to make the entire seminar, please contact to discuss your options.

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