Kevin Fraser Live

Time & Date
15th February 2020
8:00 - 9:45pm
The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall
$39 AUD

At one point you’re planning the future. The next minute you’re trying to survive the present.
It’s a vicious world out there and the pressure is coming from every angle.

Why is nobody liking my last photo?
Are gluten free crisps really gluten free?
If I visit Bali, what is the probability that a Volcano will erupt and I die?
Will I manage another year without upgrading to an iPhone 11 Pro Max?
Shall I start learning Mandarin for when the Chinese take over?
Could I retire and be happy in Croatia?
When will I be able to hug Oprah?

There are a lot of un answered questions. And Kevin is only just learning that Rome certainly wasn’t build in a day.

Primarily known as the guy on the internet who sweeps across people’s feeds with his impressions on the daily struggles of life.
He now trots the globe, delivering Comedy to every nook and cranny he visits.

Kevin Fraser fans can expect a whirlwind of events as he unearths his frustrations on even the most simplest issues of day to day life,

eventually realising that there is a dire need to simply. Well. Drop The Pressure!