"Iconoclasts" - Christchurch Arts Festival 2019

Time & Date
30th July 2019
6:00 - 7:30pm
The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall
$20 - $30
Tickets available through Ticketek

This dynamic and daring debut will feature a kaleidoscope of sound highlighting the collective talents of Christchurch's most exciting new trio: cLoud Collective.

Forget what you think you know! This one night only concert will reimagine familiar pieces while celebrating the very latest music from New Zealand's brightest contemporary composers.

Core performers Mark Menzies (Violin/Viola), Reuben de Lautour (Piano/Electronics) and Justin DeHart (Percussion) came up with the idea for cLoud Collective at the University of Canterbury, where the three are faculty members in the highly-respected School of Music.

Their goal is to have some fun, share their passion for music and step outside the square, by honouring living composers and reimagining familiar repertoire.

Prepare for a performance that challenges everything you thought you knew about contemporary music.