"He Says, She Says" - Blackboard Theatre

11th September 2020
7:00pm & 8:30pm
The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall
Tickets available at The Court Theatre


Blackboard Theatre Collective is always proud to announce the return of He Says, She Says - get ready for another evening of exceptional entertainment!

"Each year we gather a cross section of the Christchurch theatrical community and pull together a fabulous night of entertainment to raise funds for a deserving local organisation. He Says, She Says sees our fabulous cast of over 50 local artists perform songs originally written for the opposite gender in our annual fundraising extravaganza.

This year we are excited to be fundraising for The Piano! They have been instrumental to our growth at BTC but also to so many other local artists. For June and July they offered free venue hire which meant countless Christchurch artists, performing groups and companies could bounce back onto their feet incredibly quickly and we think The Piano needs to be commended, thanked and rewarded for their generosity to our community.

He Says, She Says is one of our crowd favourites, so to make sure you don’t miss out!"