Get Mortgage-Free and Build Wealth in 10 Years or Less

Time & Date
10th March 2021
5:30 - 6:30pm
$15 General Admission

2021 is your time to make financial progress.

Interest rates are super-low, the housing and share markets are going gangbusters and the NZ economy is open for business, despite Covid!

You need to use this opportunity to make progress while the going is good - to get mortgage-free faster, grow wealth, get ahead and be ambitious.

But none of that happens by default - that's why you should come along to Hannah McQueen's seminar, 'Get Mortgage-Free and Build Wealth in 10 years or less'.

Hannah is a financial strategist, Authorised Financial Adviser, Chartered Accountant, Business Coach, Author and the founder of - financial strategy and coaching.

She not only wrote the book on how to Kill Your Mortgage & Sort Your Retirement (literally), she also patented the formula that sets out how you can get mortgage-free in the fastest time, with the least interest cost and the most flexibility.

Come along to her seminar to learn:
- Why low-interest rates alone aren't enough to get you ahead faster
- The pillars of financial success
- The impact of your money psychology in making progress
- What to focus on to get mortgage-free faster
- Why the methods often suggested don't work for most people
- How to get ahead while maintaining your financial resilience for uncertain times
- Options to consider to build your wealth (without losing your shirt)