"Home is Calling" - GANZ A Cappella

Time & Date
17th July 2019
7:00 - 9:00pm
The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall

One Christchurch concert only!

GANZ A Cappella bring their stunning vocal performance to Christchurch as part of their international HOME IS CALLING Tour. A truly global group, GANZ A Cappella are a six-piece vocal ensemble based in Berlin featuring a line up of three different nationalities. A joy to watch, GANZ A Cappella captivate with their extraordinary talent and easy-going charm in this intimate, fun and accessible concert experience.

Revel in their electrifying arrangements and experience a fresh take on diverse classical and contemporary musical works, from Mendelssohn to Muse! HOME IS CALLING is a passionate, ‘feel good’ musical performance that delights and unites audiences and leaves them wanting more!

Polly Ott - Soprano

Annabelle Kemish - Soprano

Anna Smith - Mezzo-soprano

Shannon Leonard - Tenor

Will Frost - Baritone

Konstantin Selesnew - Bass