"Future Proof Your Finances" - With Hannah McQueen

Time & Date
23rd May 2022
5:30 - 6:30pm
The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall
Tickets available at Eventbrite
$15 General Admission

It is never too early to start preparing for your retirement. Only 51% of Kiwis feel they’re on track to retire at the age of their preference, and almost a third (28%) who had already made the leap to retirement were considering returning to the workforce.*

You've worked hard to earn your lifestyle, and having a plan is essential to ensuring you can continue to live the life you want - especially when it's time to dial back your working hours. Join us as we discuss the fundamentals for future success:

· Developing a wealth mindset

· Creating a retirement plan and cashflow requirements

· Closing retirement gaps and creating wealth options with investment strategies

· Considering your intergenerational wealth plans

· Protecting your assets and income

· Paying off debt and maximising cash surpluses

About Hannah McQueen:

Hannah McQueen is a financial force of nature. She’s a financial advisor and strategist, chartered accountant fellow, best-selling personal finance author and the founder of She and her team at have helped thousands of Kiwis get in control of their finances, get mortgage-free fast, grow wealth, and prepare for retirement.’s clients all tell a similar story - that changed their lives (and they wish they’d done it 10 years earlier!).