Frankie Daly Presents "Spitfire, A Piano Concert"

Time & Date
13th August 2021
8:00 - 9:30pm
The Chamber
Tickets available via Under the radar
$20 *Booking fees apply

After a successful maiden flight at The Chamber Room in March, Frankie Daly is back again to perform some new moves and further explore the freedoms of the great 88.

For Frankie, the piano is no everyday thing. Behind it she can go reaching between the grey parts, finding all the hidden colours the keys can help her make. She’s drawing in a way, going to the well looking for the melody of story, song, struggle, and most importantly courage and life. She has grown up looking for this language, studied and studying its inner workings, guided by teachers and peers alike, finding that music really is at the heart of everything.

Doors 7.30pm
Show starts 8pm