Esther Swift and Adam McGrath

Time & Date
23rd February 2023
8:00 - 9:30pm
The Chamber
Tickets available via Eventbrite

A prolific, boldly innovative Scottish harpist, composer and singer, Esther works across genres as diverse as classical chamber music and free improvisation and writes for ensembles large and small.

Having studied at Edinburgh’s St Mary’s Music School and the Royal Northern College of Music, as well as with harp pioneer Catriona McKay, she has received numerous prestigious commissions and featured in many international collaborations.

Esther has traveled to Vietnam, New Zealand, Malaysia, Mongolia, and beyond with her music, and shared international, music lead collaborations with musicians and other artists around the world.

She has recently been commissioned by Celtic Connections, Chamber Music Scotland, Manchester Jazz Festival and The Edwin Morgan trust and performed internationally with her band Emergence Ensemble.

Adam McGrath is a folk singer stationed mostly wherever he lands, although he keeps his dog and his landlord in christchurch, New Zealand. He travels both the state and lost highways of New Zealand, Australia, Europe and parts beyond, slinging songs and offering up yarns and low rent bar philosophy for anyone who’ll spring for a ticket and wherever he can get a key. Widely known in New Zealand as lead singer and songwriter of one of the country’s most beloved and mythic roots bands, the eastern, Adam continues in the tradition of hard travelling, long touring, long shows and longer nights laid down by his day band. McGrath takes on all comers and has played everywhere from lounge rooms to bar rooms, street corners to theatres and a million and one festivals, sometimes he’s even got paid! Any opportunity to play is a good one.