"Behind The Lines" - Rob Ruha & Ria Hall

Time & Date
2nd November 2018
7:30 - 9:45pm
The Philip Carter Family Concert Hall

Māori music trailblazers RIA HALL and ROB RUHA pool their artistic might to tour BEHIND THE LINES, their first dual national tour of Aotearoa.

BEHIND THE LINES is an explosive sonic and sensory experience, merging the music from their latest albums RULES OF ENGAGEMENT and SURVIVANCE into a powerful 2hour show.

Both albums were greatly received with Ria Hall’s ‘RULES OF ENGAGEMENT’ topping the New Zealand Music Charts on entry and Rob Ruha’s ‘SURVIVANCE’ going straight to no.1 on iTunes. Rob and Ria have been nominated this year for multiple Waiata Maori Music Awards (Ria Hall 3 nominations and Rob Ruha 7 nominations!) and both artists are finalists in the prestigious 2018 APRA Maioha Awards (celebrating excellence in popular Maori composition) with works that feature in Behind The Lines.

Fresh from a sell-out show and rave reviews at Darwin Arts Festival, Ria Hall and Rob Ruha will tour with band The Witch Dr., an alliance of the finest musicians Aotearoa has to offer. “This is a group at the top of their game” – Stuff.co.nz

BEHIND THE LINES aims to take audiences deep into the DNA of Ria and Rob’s acclaimed compositions, to expose the powerful messages of nationhood, cultural endurance, spirituality and unity that are synonymous with their artistry.

“We want to present more than just a typical gig style show” explains Hall. “We want people leaving the show feeling emancipated in every way – free from what they knew and emancipated sonically into new spheres of musical presentation.”

Ruha says BEHIND THE LINES will be a unique modern music experience.

“Both Ria and I come from strong haka backgrounds. We are also products of rich and diverse experiences in a contemporary Aotearoa. The show is a fusion of tradition and innovation – we will move you to dance, then to tears and then back again!”

BEHIND THE LINES will be presented at ten venues between two significant dates in New Zealand history. The show debuted at the coronation celebrations of King Tūheitia on August 18 and will conclude at Ratana Pa as a part of the 100year celebrations of the Ratana faith on November 8.

“The messages in BEHIND THE LINES are for everyone - it’s about unity and nationhood, wanting to move forward together. With the tour framed by these two massive events on the New Zealand calendar, it is set to be a magic, uplifting and a special experience for all.”

Come Behind the Lines of the songs, to the frontlines of liberation 
with music that will move you to the beat of a new, self-determined Aotearoa Nation!